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            Award of First Prize in Science and Technology of Coal Industry

                    China National Coal Association (CNCA) has issued a notice about publicizing and commending winners of Science and Technology of Coal Industry Award for Projects and Individuals (CNCA Science and Technology [2013]184), among which, the “research of high-efficient & simplified heavy medium coal preparation packaged technology ” submitted by Tangshan Guohua Technology International Engineering Co., Ltd, has won the first prize. It is the only privately-owned enterprise among the 30 first prize winners.
                    The research achievements include: successfully overcame bottleneck of non-sizing and non-desliming of raw coal feed; innovative technology of “1+1” mode for coking coal preparation plant; separation technology and process of fine coal heavy medium cyclone; two-stage flotation for slime and two-stage dewatering for clean coal slime; two-stage thickening and two-stage recovery for slime tailings; new process technology for deslimed flotation; successfully developed 3GHMC(3HMC) series gravity (pressure) fed 3-product heavy medium cyclones; 2GHMC (2HMC) series gravity (pressure) fed two-stage two- product heavy medium cyclones used for thermal coal separation; FHMC series fine coal heavy medium cyclone; FJC (FJCA) series jet-type flotation cells; PS and PCA series coal slurry pre-conditioner; new process and equipment for centralized control system, automatic parameter measuring and control device for heavy medium and flotation process, non-radioactive pipeline densimeter and integrated device for measurement, control and reagent-addition.
                    The above listed achievements, in accordance with washability characteristics of China raw coal feed , scale of coal preparation plants, and complete technology and equipment integration, jointing and matching, has been used in different scale coal preparation plants, which developed gradually into global advanced coal processing technologies ranging from coal separation process to equipment, from separation to coal slime treatment to automatic control. The heavy medium coal preparation technology has made a new breakthrough in China.
                    The technological achievements has been used in more than 524 coal preparation plants with a total design capacity of 691 Mt/a before October 2013, which will account for 33.7% of the total separated coal in China in the year of 2012(2050 Mt) with full operation of the above-mentioned plants.


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